Shock Absorbing Gel Heel Comfort Socks - White/Red

More than a sock, GEEL SOCKS by boo-g™ offers additional comfort, cushioning and support to the wearer through shock absorbing gel heel pads protecting the heel from direct shock and impact while walking, running, jumping or standing for long periods of time . 


Originally created for Elite Athletes and those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, GEEL SOCKS by boo-g™ has become the go to comfort and protection product for superheroes of all walks of life. Be boo-g and treat your feet today. 

• Gel heel pads provide all day comfort and support.
• Wear and wash like a normal sock.
• Form-fitting comfort and design.
• Enhanced strength, softness and durability.
• Superior breathability with enhanced comfort.
• Mild compression improves blood flow and energizes tired legs and feet.
• Anti-bacterial fibres with odour preventing properties to keep feet fresh.