Water Bottle Holder With Pocket Floral Print

Dark Teal
Royal Blue

Love the new water Bottle holder with the floral pocket! Stores have been asking for more fabric pockets, and floral came to my head! Perfect for taking a walk, you can have your water bottle, phone, keys and money in the floral pocket. Light weight, made out of yoga mat and the shoulder strap is from webbing from a sandal company. All new products- OlovesM just gave them a new life! Makes a great gift! Add a water bottle to it to give to a walker, add dog bones to it for a dog lover, people are even adding gift certificates to the pocket!


I am also very happy I could donate these to help in the Fly Fishing for Breast Cancer Event: please see the kind letter we received:


I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful water bottle holders that you donated for Casting for Recovery! They were awesome and truly appreciated. The retreat was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. There were 14 women from across the western slope with various stages of breast cancer coming together to enjoy a weekend of being pampered and learning how to fly fish. It sounds so simple, but yet it was so inspiring on many levels.

The women and organization were incredible and all walked away with smiles, stories, increased confidence, and some great gifts to remember the weekend by. Every single woman wore their water bottle holders as they were on the water for several hours. T

he guides thought that they were awesome as well. You need to get these into the local fly fishing shops! I’ll get you the names of some of the fly fishing shops that donated their staff and time if you want. I’m sure they would be thrilled to stock these especially knowing how well they worked and your participation in the program.

Casting for Recovery would like to send you a “thank you” as well. Would you please give me your mailing address? Again, I can’t thank you enough. You and Tom are a real treasure. Aspen Valley Hospital